The Importance of Nutrition for Runners

The Importance of Nutrition for Runners

Nutrition plays a significant role in your overall physical health and athletic performance. Nutrition is also one of the most commonly overlooked considerations among novice and intermediate runners who wonder why they feel fatigued, fail to make any real progress … Continue Reading

Why Are Shin Splints Dangerous?

While shin splints may not be a life-threatening condition, they can nonetheless be detrimentally life-affecting. The moment you detect any potential signs or symptoms, it is essential that you bring them to the attention of a doctor or qualified physiotherapist. … Continue Reading

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Physiotherapy for Shin Splints

A qualified physiotherapist can determine the extent to which you are suffering from shin splints. X-rays, MRIs and other tests may be carried out to confirm the diagnosis. After which, a treatment or rehabilitation plan can be recommended, which may … Continue Reading

Shin Splints Treatment Options

Detected early enough, most cases of shin splints can be treated easily without an intensive medical intervention. There are three primary approaches to treating shin splints: 1. Ice Easy to apply and surprisingly effective, ice packs actively reduce pain and … Continue Reading

Shin Splints - Warning Signs and Symptoms

Shin Splints – Warning Signs and Symptoms

Because prevention is the key to successfully treat shin splints, it is important to identify the warning signs and symptoms as early as possible. In most cases, the condition begins with mild to moderate aches and pains in the shins. … Continue Reading

What Are Shin Splints

What Are Shin Splints?

Shin splints is a condition characterised by moderate to potentially severe pain in the shins. It is an inflammatory condition that affects the front parts of the lower legs, sometimes occurring in one or both shins at the same time. … Continue Reading

Compression Socks and Sporting Performance

Compression Socks and Sporting Performance

As touched upon a little earlier, it is becoming increasingly popular these days for runners and other athletes to routinely use compression socks, as a means by which to improve their athletic performance. In addition, it is widely believed that … Continue Reading

What Are Compression Socks Made Of?

What Are Compression Socks Made Of?

Compression socks are manufactured from a wide variety of different fabrics, which in conjunction with manufacturing quality is where the differences in price come in. Fibers are chosen by manufacturers in accordance with the necessary thickness, softness, elasticity, durability and … Continue Reading

How Long Should Compressions Stockings Be Worn

How Long Should Compressions Socks Be Worn?

Once again, this is a question that can only be answered accurately in relation to the needs and circumstances of the individual. The reason why compression garments are worn in the first place will determine for exactly how long they … Continue Reading

Compression Levels in mmHg in Compression Socks

Compression Levels for Compression Socks

After getting to grips with the various sizes, heights, colors and styles of compression garments out there, there’s still the crucial matter of compression ratings to deal with. After all, it is the compression action of these socks and stockings … Continue Reading