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8 Essentials to Take On Your Yoga Retreat

by Emily Jannet on Jun 20, 2022

After a seemingly endless period of procrastination, you’ve finally decided to treat yourself to a yoga retreat. And deservedly so, as a yoga retreat is about far more than a personal indulgence.

There’s nothing quite like a yoga retreat for hitting that elusive spiritual ‘reset’ button. A week or weekend of pure escapism, with nothing to do but focus on getting yourself back into the here and now.

All well and good, but knowing what to pack for a yoga retreat can be a stressful experience.

In the spirit of keeping things as simple as possible, here are the eight most important essentials to ensure you pack for any yoga retreat:

  1. A Lightweight Bag

First up, your yoga retreat may involve a variety of excursions to different places to practice yoga. In which case, you’ll need a lightweight bag that’s comfortable to carry, in order to get your belongings from A to B. Don’t rely exclusively on the main case you take for the weekend – set yourself up with something of a daypack for added convenience.

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  1. A Travel Yoga Mat

Try not to spend too much time wrestling with the decision regarding which travel yoga mat to buy. Likewise, don’t read too much into the golden rules and recommendations of others. If it’s a mat you’re happy with and provides a comfortable surface to get the job done, it’s all you need. You could technically get away with a regular studio mat, but travel mats are thinner, lighter, more compact and easy to transport.

  1. A Journal

Even if it is not normally your thing, keeping a journal of your thoughts and musing while on a yoga retreat can be extremely inspiring. If preferred, you could use the pages of your journal to doodle sketches of your surroundings, or come up with ideas for things you need/want to do after the retreat’s conclusion. Along with your thoughts in beautiful surroundings, you may surprise yourself with how creative you can be.

  1. Yoga Clothes

Of course, packing the right clothes for the activities you’ll be taking part in is essential. As ensuring you have the appropriate quantity of clothing, as it may not be possible to wash and dry your clothes from one day to the next. Summertime yoga retreats in particular can get quite hot and sticky, so ensure you have plenty of clean, fresh and dry clothes available.

  1. A Swimsuit

There’s always a chance that some sort of water-based recreation will be on offer at the facility hosting the yoga retreat. If so, you’ll be glad you brought your swimsuit along for the ride. If not, it won’t take up a huge amount of space in your case, so nothing lost.

  1. Comfortable Shoes

It’s also possible that a fair amount of walking may be involved in getting from one spot to the next during the retreat. Trips that may involve traversing some quite challenging outdoor terrain, calling for comfortable and sensible footwear. Save your dress shoes and heels for another occasion – think more along the lines of flip flops and slip-ons.

  1. Sunscreen

Don’t run the risk of sunburn or sunstroke ruining what could have been a truly inspirational outing. Irrespective of the time of year, anticipate that you will be spending much of the retreat out in the direct sun. And be mindful of the fact that even when you are in the shade, the sun’s rays can still do their thing on your skin. Always pack sunscreen, and a high-factor sunscreen at that.

  1. A Reusable Water Bottle

Last up, adequate hydration is a must when taking part in activities like these.  As is doing your bit for the environment, which means making sure you pack a reusable water bottle you can use for the duration of the retreat. They’ll most likely sell bottled water and refreshments at the facility, but you’ll save money (and help save the planet) by taking your own bottle with you.