Into the Wilderness: Introducing aZengear's Flint Steel Pro Fire Starter - Our Best Version of an Outdoor Flint and Steel Striker in the Market - aZengear
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Into the Wilderness: Introducing aZengear's Flint Steel Pro Fire Starter - Our Best Version of an Outdoor Flint and Steel Striker in the Market

by Emily Jannet on Aug 07, 2023

Are you a camping and bushcraft enthusiast always on the lookout for the latest and greatest survival gear? If so, we have some exciting news to share with you! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest and most innovative product - the Flint Steel Pro Fire Starter. This remarkable fire starter is set to revolutionise your outdoor experiences with its unmatched performance and comprehensive features.

What is the Ultimate Edition Firesteel?

aZengear Flint Steel Pro Firesteel is the pinnacle of outdoor flint and steel strikers, carefully designed to cater to all your fire-lighting needs in all-weather conditions. This innovative gadget combines essential tools in a compact and lightweight form making it the perfect companion for camping, hiking, and survival adventures.

aZengear Flint Steel Pro Fire Starter, XXL Ferro Rod, Striker, Tinder Wick Rope, 750 Paracord, Waterproof Outdoor Survival Kit for Camping and Bushcraft

Mastering the Art of Fire-Lighting

As the sun sets and darkness blankets the wilderness, the ability to start a fire becomes paramount. Fire not only provides warmth and light but also serves as a lifeline, offering a means to cook food, purify water, and signal for help in emergencies. The Ultimate Edition Firesteel ensures you have a reliable and efficient fire-lighting tool at your fingertips.

XXL Ferro Rod (Removable)

XXL Ferro Rod

With its extra large, removable and replaceable 120mm x 13mm (4.7”x1/2”) cerium, lanthanum, iron, and magnesium rod, this gadget can handle up to 20,000 strikes producing showers of molten hot sparks at 3,000º C (5,432º F). You can ignite your tinder wick even in the harshest weather conditions. Imagine the satisfaction of effortlessly starting a fire amidst a drizzling rain or gusty winds, knowing you possess the ultimate fire-starting solution. 

Fuelling the Flame with 2x Tinder Wick Ropes

Tinder Wick Jute Ropes Sticks

When it comes to lighting a fire, tinder is the spark that ignites the flame. The aZengear Flint Steel Pro Fire Starter includes two natural jute tinder wick ropes, 15cm (6in) each. These ropes are specially designed to withstand water and weather, ensuring they remain functional even in damp conditions. With an approximate combined burn time of one hour, you'll have ample opportunity to kindle the fire that keeps you warm and cozy during those chilly outdoor nights.

A Versatile Multi-Tool Striker for Survival

In the wilderness, adaptability is key. The aZengear Flint Steel Pro Firesteel is a versatile survival toolkit that equips you with essential functionalities to thrive in nature's embrace.

aZengear Flint Steel Pro Fire Starter Striker

The multi-tool striker, crafted from heat-treated stainless steel, is not only a proficient spark generator but also serves as a scraper, precision ruler, hex wrench, and a trusty bottle opener to celebrate moments of triumph after a long day's hike.

750 Paracord

750 Paracord

The included 60cm (24in) long 750lbs military-grade parachute cord that includes light reflective coating and 11 inner multipurpose strands can be used for creating a fishing line, tinder as well as other survival kits.

Waterproof Whistle

Waterproof Whistle

A small waterproof whistle is attached to the paracord.

How to Use

1) soften the end of your tinder wick by fluffing it up; 2) scrape off the black coating on the ferro rod; 3) ignite the wick by striking the striker against the ferro rod. To stop the flame on the wick, simply pull the wick back into the bellows chamber to cut the oxygen flow to the flame.

aZengear Flint Steel Pro - Outdoor Survival Kit Fire Starter - How to Use

Designed for the Passionate Outdoor Enthusiast

At aZengear, our mission is to elevate your outdoor experiences with products that embody quality, durability, and ingenuity. The Flint Steel Pro exemplifies this commitment, as we have poured our passion and expertise into creating a tool that complements your adventurous spirit.

Whether you're a seasoned outdoor aficionado or a beginner setting out on your first camping expedition, this flint and steel fire starter is a game-changer. It's designed to enhance your connection with nature, enabling you to create memorable moments around the campfire, share stories under the stars, and forge lifelong bonds with fellow adventurers.

Happy exploring!