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Tree Pruning Tips for Your Garden

by Emily Jannet on Apr 15, 2022

Pruning is an important gardening task that helps keep trees healthy and looking their best. Trees can be pruned for a variety of reasons, including to remove dead or diseased branches, to improve airflow and light penetration, and to shape the tree.

Pruning for Health

One of the most important reasons to prune your trees is for health. Dead or diseased branches should be removed as they can spread disease to the rest of the tree. Branches that are rubbing against each other should also be trimmed so that they don't damage each other. If a tree is damaged, pruning can help it to recover by stimulating new growth.

Pruning for Appearance

Trees can also be pruned for aesthetic reasons. Pruning can improve the shape of a tree, and it can also help to increase airflow and light penetration. Proper pruning can also help fruit trees produce more fruit.

Pruning trees may appear to be a difficult job, and it is indeed. Pruning large, established shade trees is not an easy undertaking and should be left for professional arborists to do; however, ornamental and fruit plants can be easily pruned by newbies who know the basics and have the right gardening equipment.

Please use these 3 tips when you are ready to start your pruning process:

1. Do Not Damage the Trees

When pruning, it's important to make sure that you don't damage the tree. Make sure to use sharp tools and be careful not to over-prune. Some of the handy tools to have with you here are: pruning saw (you can use aZengear folding hand saw or any other alternative), secateurs, shears.Ā 

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2. Start Pruning Early On

Pruning is necessary at the earliest possible moment after a tree is planted. Shrubs that have been infested with insect pests, dying branches, and broken limbs should all be cut away as soon as possible. Pruning for shape isn't required until the first winter after planting. Pruning a tree often throughout its life makes it easier to maintain and reduces stress on the plant. Pruning a tree gradually each year helps to establish it from the start and results in a robust and attractive tree.

It's also a good idea to avoid pruning in the middle of summer as this can stress the tree. The best time to prune is typically in the late fall or early winter.

3. Prioritise Tree Branches That Can Cause Danger

Branches that are too close to safety lights, electric lines, or block traffic views are a hazard to people and property. Not only does trimming of these trees reduce the danger of falling branches, but it also provides many other benefits. Pruning your trees in your garden creates a secure atmosphere for you and your family and friends. Trimmed trees are also more robust and healthier.

When pruning your trees, always keep these three things in mind: health, appearance, and avoiding damage. With these tree pruning tips, you'll be sure to have healthy, beautiful trees in your garden!