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What Are Shin Splints?

by azengear on Apr 22, 2018

Shin splints is a condition characterised by moderate to potentially severe pain in the shins. It is an inflammatory condition that affects the front parts of the lower legs, sometimes occurring in one or both shins at the same time. Most cases of shin splints are attributed to physical activity, runners being most likely to develop the condition. In fact, research suggests that as many as 18% of all running injuries are categorised as shin splints.

The Causes of Shin Splints

There are two primary factors that contribute to the development of shin splints, which are:
  • Excessive and prolonged impact on the lower leg muscles
  • Pressure exerted on the lower leg muscles
Those who suffer from shin splints typically experience pain and discomfort during the early stages of exercise, which often subside only to flare up once again during the same activity. In many instances, pain reaches such a severe level to make it difficult or impossible to continue.