Survival Whistle with Fire Starter Rod - aZengear
Survival Whistle with Fire Starter Rod - aZengear
Survival Whistle with Fire Starter Rod - aZengear
Survival Whistle with Fire Starter Rod - aZengear
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Survival Whistle with Fire Starter Rod

£7.95 £5.95
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Survival Whistle with Fire Starter Rod - aZengear

Survival Whistle with Fire Starter Rod

£7.95 £5.95
Product description

Survival Whistle with Flint Fire Starter Rod & Keyring - Loud, Pealess, Light, Thin, Waterproof - for Emergency, Hiking, Rescue, Safety, Dog Walking, EDC

  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT SURVIVAL KIT - fits in your pocket or can be attached to your keychain or lanyard string. Measures 80x21x5mm and weights 12g. Makes a great gift.
  • FERRO ROD WITH A STRIKER - magnesium ferro rod easily generates sparks to start a fire outdoors in the rain or wind
  • EMERGENCY PEALESS WHISTLE - slim and lightweight, can be used as a coyote deterrent or for self-defense asking for help when lost, dog walking and training
  • COLD IS #1 CAUSE OF DEATH - BE PREPARED - portable and ideal for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating

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What People Are Saying

Work well for restless legs

"I bought these for someone else, who suffers regularly and uncomfortably with restless leg, he's tried creams, tablets and tubigrips but they haven't helped. I didn't expect much but thought they were worth a try and we're amazed that they worked instantly and have made such a big difference."

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Excellent calf support

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Chris, Cornwall

Great for running

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Shin splints be gone!

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Jon, Manchester

Good quality and value

"Got theses for my partner whom has a torn calf muscle. He has found that they really help with supporting his leg and reliving some of the tension. I got xxl as he has big calf and they are swollen, but sizes seem generous."

Natalie, Reading

Tight on my calf like it said

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