Paracord Survival Bracelet (5 in 1) With Fire Starter

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Paracord Survival Bracelet: Flint Fire Starter - Whistle - Compass - Mini Saw - Strong Rescue Rope - Adjustable Band Size - Camping - Bushcraft - Emergency Kit


  • 5 in 1 EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT - each bracelet consists of a fire flint starter, loud 100dB whistle, basic compass, mini saw and waterproof military-grade paracord
  • ADJUSTABLE BAND SIZE - this tactical first aid bracelet fits to wrists measuring 7’’-9.5’’ or 17-24cm (from kids and women to big men)
  • MILITARY-GRADE PARACHUTE CORD - up to 10.5 feet (3.2m) of waterproof 7-core paracord can be used to create a shelter, trap, raft, stop bleeding, serve as tinder to start a fire, create a clothesline to dry your wet garments, splint your injured leg against a branch or carry heavy objects (up to 550lb or 250kg)
  • COLD IS #1 CAUSE OF DEATH - BE PREPARED - portable and ideal for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating
  • SUPERIOR SERVICE - we cut no corners in our product & will cut no corners in providing top-notch service to you

Imagine that on one of your camping trips, you decide to do some solo kayaking before the sunset. You start your trip lightly dressed and with your tactical survival bracelet. A few miles down the river you hit a rock and get thrown out of your kayak smashing your leg. Realising that you are all wet, hurt and left alone in the middle of nowhere, all you have left on you is your paracord bracelet.

The sun is about to disappear and you start feeling cold and need to do something quickly to get your body temperature up. After you gather some kindling and wood, you unravel your paracord and use its fine inner strands as tinder. Then you scrape the fire flint striker in your bracelet against the rod and ignite the tinder. You are now sitting next to a warming fire and feeling comfortable!

The next thing you decide to do is to use the scraper as an emergency knife to cut off a piece of your paracord to string up a clothesline and dry your wet clothes. Now you need to take care of your injured leg. After finding a suitable branch, you splint your leg against it and secure it with the paracord from the bracelet.

Then you blow your loud emergency whistle to reveal your location to anyone who might be looking for you.

Early in the morning, if no one comes for you and you are able to walk, you navigate your way back to the campsite by using the built-in compass. You are safe now. 

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