Calf Support Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints

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  • TRUE GRADUATED COMPRESSION SLEEVES - provide calf compression support, increase oxygen flow & improve blood circulation
  • OPTIMISED TWILL DESIGN FOR SHIN SPLINT SUPPORT - absorb impacts, protect from cramps & injuries, reduce leg swelling & fatigue; fabric contents: 65% nylon, 20% elastane, 15% lycra
  • DOUBLE-STITCHED SEAMS ON TOP & BOTTOM - lightweight, anti-odour, moisture-wicking & breathable fabric can endure multiple washing cycles
  • LEG SLEEVES FOR SPORTS - these footless compression socks alleviate shin pain, speed up muscle recovery & keep your legs warm, dry & healthy
  • SUPERIOR PRODUCT & SERVICE - we cut no corners in our product and will cut no corners in providing top-notch service to you

Bring more energy into your feet today with aZengear calf support! Our shin splint calf compression sleeves for men and women are especially useful on long flights, during or after workouts and for those whose jobs require to sit or stand still for a long time.

These calf sleeves will be your best companion if you participate in leg intensive activities such as marathons, jogging, hiking, running, gym fitness, basketball, volleyball, cycling, weightlifting and more. They are also perfect for extreme races and long runs!

aZengear calf support guards prevent from calf cramps as well as protect legs from minor scratches & knocks. If you've ever experienced the pain of shin splints, you'd learnt of the discomfort and unbearable pain they can bring. Feel comfortable to stay on your feet and avoid that unnecessary pain as well as muscle cramps while you travel, work or play!

Whether you're a nurse, flight attendant, runner, are pregnant, or just experience occasional leg pain, our calf compression sleeves is just what you need! When it comes to compression gear, not all are created equal.

Some don't fit right, and some don't work right, but with aZengear compression technology, you'll get a quality fit with a true graduated compression strength of 20-30 mmHg, which can help to promote blood flow in your legs, preventing soreness aches, blood clots and even improving energy and reducing fatigue while alleviating leg pain and swelling.

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