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16 Tips for Enjoyable Autumn Camping (Part 2)

by Emily Jannet on Oct 13, 2022

As promised, here is the second half of our two-part guide to enjoyable autumn camping:

  1. Increase Your Calorie Intake

Keeping safe, warm and healthy when out and about in cooler conditions starts from within. Autumn camping, therefore, provides the perfect excuse to increase your intake of healthy carbs, fats and proteins. You need to keep your inner furnace burning, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself to the occasional indulgence.

  1. Keep Moving

Taking the time to sit back and soak up your surroundings in autumn is essential. It’s arguably the most beautiful season of the year to head out and about in the wild. At the same time, sitting around too long can also be a recipe for cold feet, hands and so on. If you find yourself getting chilly, the single best thing you can do is keep moving.

  1. Warm Up in Your Sleeping Bag

It sounds a little odd, but one of the best things you can do to get your body ready for the cold of the morning is to warm yourself up in your sleeping bag first thing. Simply wiggling and moving around in your sleeping bag for a few minutes can be just the thing for a boost of warmth, before heading out into the cold air.

  1. Pack an Extra Waterproof Bag

One of the worst things that can happen when camping in cooler conditions is finding yourself stuck with wet and soggy clothing. However great your main pack may be, it’s always advisable to take along a secondary lightweight waterproof bag. In doing so, you’ll have something you can use during the day, without having to lug your main pack around with you.

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  1. Don’t Count on Campfires

By all means, take along a flint or your preferred fire starting equipment. Just remember that mild days and cool nights are a recipe for damp conditions, meaning that viable firewood may be thin on the ground. When packing provisions and planning for access to water, make allowances in case starting a fire is difficult...or impossible.

  1. Allow More Time for Cooking

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as cooking and enjoying a warming meal on a cold day. However, cooking in cooler temperatures takes longer, and consumes more fuel. Something to factor into your timetable, and also your pre-trip packing checklist.

  1. Bring a Headlamp

You will never regret taking a good headlamp along for the ride, when out and about camping in the cooler months of the year. Shorter days mean less light, which translates to more time fumbling around in the dark. With a headlamp, you enjoy the convenience of hands-free illumination.

  1. Let Somebody Know Where You Are Going

Ideally, this is something you should do when heading out on any wild camping trip at any time of year.  But as there is a higher tendency for things to go wrong in the cooler and darker months, it is exceptionally important in autumn. Tell them exactly where you are going, when you plan on returning, and when to raise the alarm if you don’t.

  1. Don’t Torture Yourself

Last up, camping in autumn can be one of life’s true pleasures. However, it’s also the kind of thing that can quickly turn into something of a chore. If the weather takes a turn for the worse (or you simply find yourself struggling to get by), don’t stick it out just for the sake of it. Never be afraid to jump ship when a camping trip becomes anything less than enjoyable, irrespective of the time of year.