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A Simple Yet Essential Gift Guide for Outdoors Types

by Oleksiy Synelnychenko on Nov 28, 2022

Gift shopping for adventurous individuals can be surprisingly tricky. For one thing, you may have no idea what they already have. They’re regularly out and about in the wild, so you would assume they have everything they need as it is.

In addition, you may have little to no idea what kinds of gear and gadgets are genuinely useful for outdoor types. You would prefer to give them something practical (as opposed to a novelty), but haven’t a clue where to start.

Compounded by the many millions of weird and wonderful products on sale, making sense of the whole thing seems quite the task.

All of this is where this simple yet essential cheat sheet could help. We personally guarantee that any of the following will go down a treat with any recipient – even those who already seem to have it all.

Let’s get started:

  1. Quality compression socks or stockings

First up, those who already wear compression socks or stockings will always appreciate a new pair. Meanwhile, those who don’t already wear compression stocks will quickly learn what they’ve been missing out on. The comfort and support of a good pair of compression socks can make all the difference – both out on the trail and when recovering from exertion. You cannot and will not go wrong with high-quality compression socks as a gift, just as long as you select the right size.

  1. A portable and reliable multitool

Ask any committed camper or hiker and they will tell you the same – you can never have too many multitools. From multipurpose bracelets to convenient fire-starters to the kinds of mini safety kits that can get you out of a bind, there’s always a place for a good multitool in a hiker’s pack. When shopping for gadgets like these, quality matters most. After all, a blunt knife, a broken compass or a whistle that doesn’t work really isn’t worth taking anywhere.

Product Spotlight:

Paracord Survival Bracelet (5 in 1): Flint and Steel Fire Starter, Whistle, Compass, Mini Saw

  • 5 in 1 EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT - each bracelet consists of a fire flint starter, loud 100dB whistle, basic compass, mini saw and waterproof military-grade paracord
  • ADJUSTABLE BAND SIZE - this tactical first aid bracelet fits to wrists measuring 7’’-9.5’’ or 17-24cm (from kids and women to big men)
  • MILITARY-GRADE PARACHUTE CORD - up to 10.5 feet (3.2m) of waterproof 7-core paracord can be used to create a shelter, trap, raft, stop bleeding, serve as tinder to start a fire, create a clothesline to dry your wet garments, splint your injured leg against a branch or carry heavy objects (up to 550lb or 250kg)
  • BE PREPARED FOR COLD WEATHER - this fire starter kit is portable and ideal for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating. It can protect you from cold which is the #1 cause of death
  1. Solar-powered chargers and power banks

Hikers and outdoor types in general are becoming increasingly reliant on modern technology. Most seasoned adventurers take maps and compasses along for the ride, but mobile phones and GPS locators have also become the norm.  As there is no place to plug in and charge devices like these outdoors, the next best thing is a solar charger. Powerbanks with built-in solar panels can be particularly versatile, as can folding solar charging stations that weigh next to nothing.

  1. Dehydrated food packets

Three reasons why dehydrated food packets are the perfect gift for any time of year. Firstly, they are simply fantastic for taking out and about on any kind of adventure, as they only weigh a few grams. Secondly, they have a tendency to be quite expensive, and are considered more of a treat than a necessity by most.  Thirdly, most dehydrated food packets have a shelf life of several years. All of this means that even if the recipient isn’t heading out and about anytime soon, they’ll definitely get good use out of them eventually.

  1. An inspiring guidebook

If there is a specific place or region you know they’re interested in, a classic guidebook can be just the thing. Even if they do most of their reading online, there is still something uniquely satisfying about sitting down with a good book. Who knows – you could end up being the inspiration for their next outing, which they’ll definitely appreciate.

  1. A gift voucher

Last up, buying gifts vouchers isn’t ‘phoning it in’.  It just isn’t – so long as you buy a gift voucher that corresponds with their tastes. If you genuinely cannot think of something they’ll genuinely get good use out of, it simply makes sense to give them the freedom of choice. The fact that you have chosen a voucher that corresponds with their taste demonstrates thought and sentiment, just as would be the case with any conventional gift.