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Three Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Adventurous Types

by Emily Jannet on Dec 20, 2022

Left things until the last minute (again) and clamouring for a decent gift idea?  The fact that you are reading this right now would seem to suggest that yes, you have...and you are.

The good news is that there’s still time to bag something special for the adventurous type in your life. Even if they have no intention of heading out and about into the wild before the weather improves, there’s no better time than right now to make a contribution to their kit.

As for the even better news, you’ll find no shortage of creative and genuinely useful gadgets and accessories in our collection. We specialise exclusively in the kind of high-quality, multi-purpose gear adventurous types need – not the superfluous ‘toys’ that just take up space in your pack.

Even if they’ve already got pretty much everything they need, you can rest assured they’ll appreciate something of genuine practical value. Not to mention, something thoughtful, and a little outside the box.

With this in mind, here are three 100% fool-proof gift ideas for adventurous types, if you’ve gone and left things right up to the last moment once again:

  1. Folding Hand Saw

First up, this neat little folding hand saw really is the ultimate multipurpose tool.  What’s particularly great about this hugely versatile saw is how it is just as useful at home and in the garden as it is out on the trail. It features a thick carbon steel blade for immense strength and durability, coupled with a thermoplastic handle for a comfortable, ergonomic grip.

A million miles from your basic pocketknife, this high-end folding saw measures in at a generous 43 centimetres unfolded (or a compact 23 centimetres when the blade is folded away). The whole thing is designed in a way that minimises the amount of pressure and exertion needed, even when sawing through thick branches. The saw comes complete with two 50-centimetre parachute cords as an added bonus, and there’s a reassuring warranty on the whole thing for total peace of mind.

Product Spotlight:

aZengear Folding Hand Saw for Pruning and Gardening

Folding Hand Saw for Pruning - Camping - Gardening - Bushcraft - DIY - Non-Slip TPR Handle - Adjustable Angles - Paracord


  • THICK 65Mn CARBON STEEL - provides fast and easy cutting strength, low friction as well as maximum hardness, rust protection and durability for a long-term use. Saw size: 9in (23cm) folded and 17in (43cm unfolded); 7 TPI (teeth per inch)
  • ERGONOMIC, NON-SLIP TPR HANDLE - made out of thermoplastic rubber and designed to provide a comfortable and safe grip (for both right and left hands) in order to reach the maximum cutting speed with the minimum pressure applied and energy spent
  • SAFETY LOCK and ADJUSTABLE ANGLES - the saw blade can be unfolded and locked open into two different positions to add sawing flexibility while reaching remote areas or tree branches
  • PARACORD INCLUDED - two parachute cords (20in/50cm each) are included to comfortably attach the saw to your backpack or hang it up for storage. Paracord can serve as a valuable rescue rope in your outdoor adventures survival kit
  • SUPERIOR PRODUCT & SERVICE - we cut no corners in our product and will cut no corners in providing top-notch service to you
  1. Down Jacket Repair Patches

The essential add-on the adventurous type in your life never knew they needed, this simple yet effective repair kit is the ultimate in versatility. Featuring 11 pre-cut patches in several different shapes and sizes, these innovative patches are all that’s needed to repair torn fabric on down jackets, ski clothing, or sleeping bags in seconds. They can even be used to repair umbrellas, backpacks, gloves, tents, and so much more besides.

Down Jacket Repair Patches

Perfect for getting fans of the great outdoors out of a bind when far from home, these repair patches can be great for preventing small tears and holes from becoming much bigger issues. Not to mention, a much cheaper option than replacing the damaged equipment outright.

  1. Silicone Ear Plugs

Silicone Ear Plugs for Sleep, Swimming, Snoring, Work

Last up, what better gift than a good night’s sleep when out and about in the great outdoors? You can pack all the advanced sleeping and living gear on Earth, but it’s amazing how often the little things are overlooked. A case-in-point for example is these simple yet super-useful silicone earplugs.  Fantastically comfortable and comprehensively safe, the soft material can block noises up to 27dB while staying securely in place without sticking out.

Perfect for sleeping, studying, travelling, and even swimming, they come in a convenient paper box for transportation, and can even be washed and reused indefinitely. Particularly when looking to get a good night’s sleep in an unusually noisy outdoor environment, these things really can be a godsend.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss any of our product lines in more detail, contact a member of the team at Azengear today.