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Five Ways a Survival Bracelet Could Get You Out of Trouble

by Emily Jannet on Jul 11, 2022

It’s the ‘wild’ aspect of any wild camping trip that makes it so enjoyable. Rather than simply following the herd to the nearest commercial campsite, you head out into the great unknown for a far more fulfilling experience.

Of course, any and every trip into the great unknown brings inherent risks into the mix. No wild camping trip should ever be taken without plenty of forethought and planning. Ensuring you know exactly where you’re going, keeping an eye on the weather, checking the local wildlife situation and so on – all essential.

Likewise, packing light is the way to go when out and about in the wild.  Chances are, you’ll be spending a fair amount of time walking, hiking and generally lugging your gear around. It, therefore, makes sense to keep things as light and compact as possible, meaning anything you don’t absolutely need should be excluded.

This is also where some of the more innovative wild camping gadgets can be supremely useful. Particularly in the case of a survival bracelet, which is essentially a five-in-one tool you can wear.

It weighs next to nothing and occupies no space in your pack, and yet could prove to be a genuine lifesaver in a pinch. You’ll hopefully never need it, but you’ll be glad you brought it along for the ride if you do.

Here are five ways a survival bracelet could get you out of trouble, if and when things take a turn for the worse:

  1. A Compass to Help You Find Your Way

First up, being solely reliant on technology when wild camping is a bad idea. Your devices might be lost or destroyed, they could be damaged by bad weather, or they could simply malfunction for no apparent reason. Irrespective of how reliable your gadgets may be, you still need to pack an old-fashioned map and a durable compass.

If you lose your way, the compass built into your survival bracelet could help you find the quickest route back to civilisation.

Product Spotlight:

Paracord Survival Bracelet (5 in 1): Flint and Steel Fire Starter, Whistle, Compass, Mini Saw

  • 5 in 1 EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT - each bracelet consists of a fire flint starter, loud 100dB whistle, basic compass, mini saw and waterproof military-grade paracord
  • ADJUSTABLE BAND SIZE - this tactical first aid bracelet fits to wrists measuring 7’’-9.5’’ or 17-24cm (from kids and women to big men)
  • MILITARY-GRADE PARACHUTE CORD - up to 10.5 feet (3.2m) of waterproof 7-core paracord can be used to create a shelter, trap, raft, stop bleeding, serve as tinder to start a fire, create a clothesline to dry your wet garments, splint your injured leg against a branch or carry heavy objects (up to 550lb or 250kg)
  • BE PREPARED FOR COLD WEATHER - this fire starter kit is portable and ideal for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating. It can protect you from cold which is the #1 cause of death
  1. A Whistle to Attract Attention

A loud whistle is one of the most routinely overlooked pieces of safety equipment for camping trips and outdoor pursuits. With a whistle that can be heard from a long distance, you stand a much better chance of alerting those nearby if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

With a survival bracelet, your whistle is within easy reach at all times, and is practically impossible to destroy or lose.

  1. A Flint to Start a Fire

Most wild campers take the usual fire-starting implements along for the ride – matches, lighters, a mini blowtorch etc. All well and good, but they aren’t the kinds of tools you can necessarily rely on. They’re all highly susceptible to damage by adverse weather conditions, and could leave you high and dry at the worst possible time.

This is where the flint built into your survival bracelet could be just the thing, enabling you to start fires outdoors with no matches or lighters at your disposal.

  1. A Cord for All Purposes

Last up, you never know when you’re going to need a length of cord for any given reason while out and about. Tying branches together when setting up a shelter, climbing down a steep or vertical face, maybe even a rudimentary tourniquet if things get serious – all instances where a high-quality parachute cord could come in handy.

With a survival bracelet, several meters of super-strong cord are right there on your wrist, ready to be unwrapped and used in a variety of ways.